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The Voyaging Accountant

The Voyaging Accountant is a blog I created in 2017. I had gained so many questions, answers, experiences, and stories and I wanted to share it to the world. I found that social media like Facebook and Instagram is not the platform I wanted to share it with so I created this blog.

I have not been very active for almost two years but since the COVID situation, I have returned to personally share my experiences and my struggles whilst quarantine. I hope you enjoy your stay and find my blog a source of haven.

Stay safe!

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

– David Mitchell

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Chow Chronicles – Food

I quite enjoy discovering new restaurants and trying food from different cuisines. I have an appreciation for stories beyond the food itself.

I believe that food is essential in every culture. Food is not just a way for our bodies to find nourishment. It is an experience and a destination. Any adventure isn’t complete without having experiencing a destination’s cuisine.

I write about food because of the stories behind it. Beyond the food we eat, there are dreamers. Dreamers who want to show their identity through the palate.

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Odyssey – Travels

I am but a Millenial who wants to experience the world. I enjoy traveling, learning new things, immersing and connecting with people.

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JG is the mastermind behind the Voyaging Accountant. This blog is a personal journal that accounts for all personal endeavors, voyages, and food experiences.


JG is a food enthusiast so expect to read more about her food adventures. She is born and raised in Mindanao and is a proud Mindanaoan herself.

She started the Voyaging Accountant last June 2017. She wanted to share her experience with the world and be a guide for those who want to travel and discover new things but don’t know where to start.


Join JG as she unfolds more stories in the Voyaging Accountant.